Wednesday, February 04, 2009

HOT Mess, for real

I seem to be in a holding pattern this week.

Can't make myself study for this beast of a quiz in three hours, impatient for responses, twiddling my thumbs for Monday.

Monday= the end of the longest two weeks ever. It could be a very large payday or a very big scam-- wait and we shall see. First test of the semester= one page of notes and for final grade prof takes best two scores of three. First paper due of the semester (damn it) over Abe Lincoln's second inauguration speech-- random I know.

... bouncing knee... wandering thoughts... twisting discoloring-ring... noticing my ever so graceful stain of spilled Cherry Pepsi upon my tissue-weight white-T delicately placed between my boobs. awesome.
Realizing I haven't a change of clothes for the rest of my day (6 hours), priceless.

Time to rock the boob shelf stain like never before-- HOT MESS, for real.

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