Friday, May 01, 2009

Over due Post: Final Notice

My sincerest apologies for the delay in posts. I have been quite busy since the last word was typed. So here is an agenda for the topics to be discussed today:

1. apartment, update
2. love department
3. career moves
4. higher education
5. love/depression for rain
6. tan lines
8. photo opp
9. jet lagged
... lets begin...

1. Apartment, updated: Today marks the official two month mark for leaving the nest. Still very organized (of course), clean (double of course) and empty fridge syndrome. Yes, a struggling college student can have a very sweet apartment and yet still have a very empty fridge. I do have all the condiments tho-- don't you worry, all name brand as well-- because those taste the best, duh.

Thus far I have killed three (yes, 3) fish. Harold lived 2 days, Hinkley made it just past the 24 hr mark and Lucky Bastard (who didn't turn out to be so lucky) lived a measly 17 hrs. The Fish Store (from whom I purchased all three fish) thinks I'm a crazed Fantail Goldfish killer. Please don't suggest I get a Beta, because not only will you be the um-teenth person to suggest it but it will be the um-teenth time I have told someone I HATE Betas (and no, I don't think they are pretty...)!

2. Love Department: The date with Love Library did land a second date but I stopped returning calls after that. It was a mad scientist I was not mad for. However, a prior intrigue (those may remember the fling around New Years) suddenly flooded my thoughts. He had been out of town for training for the last two months and curiosity struck if might be back. A friendly text turned into a returned friendly call that turned into a few more friendly call/texts, turned an intrigue into a boyfriend. Yesterday was the oh-so-coveted three week point. He has two children and an ex-wife but he is a great father, a respectful man, and a good human being. His judgment is level headed, his way with money is conservative and views of marriage, family and lifestyle match mine. I am being cautious with my heart and honest with my feelings. My fear is not of falling in love but of failing to see it coming (this might be the one occasion I don't appreciate a surprise). But of course this is just the third week of the relationship, we have a lot of "getting to know you" done. (it works best if you sing the "getting to know you"...)

3. Career Moves: I have spoken with a few members of the Lincoln Arts Council. They will be taking my nomination to the May meeting for executive board member. I would be the youngest on the board but that's exactly what they are looking for. I have a lot of what they are looking for and they can give me some good connections/networking opportunities as well. I have really good feelings about this one. :)

4. Higher Education: It is the end of dead week which means finals week is only two days away. I am lucky (?) enough to have my only paper, final exam (essay), and quiz on Monday. YAY, me. AND when finals are done... SUMMER school. You should be jealous...

5. Love & depression for rain: Rain is great but a full seven days of it can make a girl depressed. And that's exactly what happened. The last 48 hrs contained a lot of crying. But the bestest friend in the world made me cupcakes. The world is a much better place with cupcakes- yellow cake with chocolate frosting cupcakes. Its amazing what booze, best friends, cupcakes and perhaps a little sunshine can do.

6. Tan lines: Speaking of sun! Prior to all this damn rain was some very hot-n-sunny days. I have found my weekend spot for tanning over the summer (forget tanning beds, gross). The campus fountains- if its too hot, just take a dip and keep that tan up. The only downer is some major tan lines. Tank tops, bra straps its a mess, but I will cope some how. :)

7. SPRING is SPRINGING: Today is May 1st. weird. Its hard to believe the date, and hard to believe the trees have leaves BUT it is and they do! I'm loving it--

8. Photo Opp: I have sold my official third piece of work. The score: Art Show=2, Noyse=0, Zen's= 1. Time of display's Art Show=3 hrs. Noyse= 3 mo., Zen's= 1 mo.

9. Jet Lagged: Over the last two months I have traveled to Scottsdale AZ as well as the ever-crazy New Orleans LA (we should have just stayed on Bourbon street) and will be making the great voyage with Julia and Jenna to Oshkosh this month. Stay tuned for endless enjoyment that is my life...

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  1. hey! Found your blog under Black and white tag at blogger. Good to know some new people with the same taste!
    I will keep reading your blog, if you don't mind!
    Cheers from New Zealand


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