Thursday, November 19, 2009

life is better experienced fresh.

trying to "feel" emotions is like trying to catch a fish with your hands. slippery and almost impossible to find one unless your at one of those lakes where the fish are just piled on top of themselves (which I'm not sure how that relates to emotions, but not the point...).

i'm trying-- yes TRYING-- to feel those emotions from that last (crazy) post. i want to know what the hell that was all about and address them. do what I need to do to get the situation resolved, now that i have the time to do so.

no papers, no meetings, just group projects left! can i get a WHOO HOOO!!!???? and then... bring on the holiday parties-- my favorite part of the season ;)-- speaking of, I need to get myself a Killer dress.

yours truly is wearing her first pair of skinny jeans. now you may be thinking, so what!? uh-- well 10 lbs is what! plus I NEVER thought i could pull em off but i'm diggin it.
ALSO- rockin a new canary yellow toggle coat (of course its adorable!).

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