Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh geez...

this is much more than procrastination. its part refusal part ignorance.
i have 12-15 page paper due on tuesday, i currently, have less than 1 page complete. just can't seem to get my self motivated enough to push through it.

my apologies for the random, unreliable postings lately. shits gotten much more complicated that i could have dreamed.

moved back home. yes, bit the lip of pride and moved home. i know reside among the boxes filled with Christmas crap in the lovely unfinished basement. it does get nice and dark at night, though. (there is a silver lining-- my love for sleep is encouraged!)

some recent and very exciting news is a new endeavor i'm undertaking with my partner in crime, sir John Gawly (no, he's not royalty but you should know his name!). we have started the next BIG thing in Omaha. The Big O! Fashion Show will be arriving spring of 2010. Providing a stage for the local fashion industry to shine while serving to those with Leukemia and Lymphoma.

The show will be two nights with a launch party dedicated to the Green Collation of Omaha. This project has just started to take flight, so keep your eyes posted for ads in the OMAHA magazine with a feature article coming as well. ... and don't worry I'll keep you posted on here as well!

for now, keep your heart open and your mind focused...

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