Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tisk, tisk, tisk...

I’m sorry I have been so blatantly MIA as of late. I have no decent excuse for you. Let me up date you on the goings on that have taken place during my absence:
  1. I’m moving. I know you’ve heard it before, but trust me, this time is for real. I’m moving in with a good friend and former-roommate (yay, the roommate-counter doesn’t move!) in OMAHA. Yes. It’s happening this Saturday. All because…
  2. I GOT A JOB! I’ll be cubing-it-up at Mutual of Omaha as a Finical Advisor. (Please, don’t laugh; you are not the first to question this decision).
  3. Name Change: the fashion show, formally known as Big O! Fashion Show, has been changed (per the Chamber of Commerce request) to O!Fashion: Showcasing Omaha’s Fashions. I encourage you to check out the beautiful (yet, still in progress) website.
  4. 90 days until SHOW TIME. (well technically less than that…eek!)
  5. Don’t forget to pick up (and might I add, ooogle at) my/our/Fashion Show article in the March/April edition of Omaha Magazine and Encounter Magazine.

In other news… I just opened up my Sprint bill. Total text messages for the month of January: 1,9367. I hope that explains my absence. That is a record, folks.

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