Thursday, April 29, 2010

real life dates are not like movie dates.

I going on record and admitting, I'm a romantic.

I do want love. The love that comes in movies. The whirl-wind, crazy, unpredictable, consuming, can't live without each other love (thank you carrie bradshaw).

but my realistic side kicks in (I recognize it as my mother's voice) and reminds me that, that kind of love is rare and/or completely made up. after all it IS the movies.

then again, my craze capricorn side chimes in and swears I can be the big fish in the big pond- I can have it all, if I just accept that I can achieve it, because I deserve it.

all these thoughts flood my mind after my lunch date. It wasn't a particularly life changing date. pretty average. mexican food for lunch (i had an enchilada) and a chat in the park.

is it horrible if I already know it will never work? or just incredibly decisive? I'm looking for an extra ordinary love. a love that will inspire those around us. I just don't see the spark big enough to lite that kind of fire.


*breaking news*
(seriously) just got a text invite to a double date. No- not the kind of invite where you are invited to bring your date and have double date. BOTH couples asked me to join them for dinner on Sunday-- Hello 5th wheel! I declined by saying "I love to play 5th wheel but I have to wash my hair".

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