Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cupboard Clean Out

I just finished throwing out all my nasty foods. We all have those boxes of Hamburger Helper from three years ago... that half empty canister of instant breakfast... the dusty jar of "party peanuts". Yep. I cleaned it all out and even the "might-not-be-so-bad-but-still-not-healthy" foods-- GONE.

So, that only means one thing. BACK ON THE WAGON! Yep. Hard core-ing it again! Some have called it my "crack diet" but I assure you... there is nothing illegal about it. Just good old fashioned sweat and strict diet.

I find it's best to not force the diet. I may want to get back on the wagon, start working out but the true motivation is not there. Motivation is not hype. Motivation is movement and action when it comes to weight loss.

Indian Taco, taken just before consumption. Yankton, SD
Take for example this past weekend. I went to a friends 10 year high school reunion. The home town the reunion was in was also celebrating River Boat Day's which means... Fired food on a stick and as much beer as you can ingest.

After I got home I was all about the water. Before I knew it I had drank 67 ounces of water by 4pm. I wanted to get active. Move, ride my bike, simply enjoy the non-confinement of a car or office. Today, again, 67 ounces of water before 4pm and tonight meditation, stretching, and a very nice core workout.

My food intake has been right on point. Although I did get the late night, boarded, munchies last night but solved it with an apple and a stick of string cheese.

For months I've been grumbling to myself to get back to my healthy ways of last summer... but the true motivation was not there. Tonight's cupboard clean-out was proof that the true motivation is BACK. Why? Because it wasn't a premedated thought to clean them out, there was no list instructing myself to do such a thing, it just happened.

A little over 48 hours after the mass-intake of horrendous foods and liquids, I can finally see the veins in my feet and hands again. lol

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