Thursday, November 24, 2011

appreciation and tryptophan

In this day of giving thanks for all of our blessing, misfortunes and lessons learned I have reflected a bit on the past year.

To say I have grown and learned is an understatement. From men to finances I have gone through the ringer with them all. Out of all the WTF and the "Transaction Not Approved" moments I have learned, grown and despite some of the most dim moments I still believed I could do more, be more, have more, share more, care more, and love more.

And more than the growing and learning is the CHANGE I see in it all. I am witnessing my own rebound from the negative, the idle life, the complacency of it all.
it is so exciting to see my life progress in the direction I have imagined. From vision board to reality, one-step-at-a-time.
Life can be faster than you know what to think and sometimes it can be baby steps. To recognize the progression no matter the pace, this is key.

With all this gratefulness in my life today, I am going to appreciate my physical location with a trip to the beach.

Pacific Ocean + Ukulele = relaxing Turkey Day.

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