Monday, January 26, 2009

air mattresses and red plastic cups of wine.

I’m sitting in the coho reflecting and decompressing from the tornadic weekend. Went up to Omaha to help a friend move and ended it all with the most random Monday ever.

The weekend involved: air mattresses(not comfortable), free hotel stay (much better than an air mattress), back to back trips to walmart (gross), learning how to count cards (they equal 0), frozen feet (burr!), check engine lights (really!?), cheap custom designer clothing (shut your mouth!), purchasing amazing art pieces for new apartment walls (check the budget twice for this one "i'll make it work..."), snow (damn it), diner style breakfast in a grocery store (stuck out like a person without gray hair), a shopping cart loaded with two liter store brand pop (no words), black markets (make money, money money!) , and one glass of bad resealing (out of a red plastic cup no less).

This may sound quite random. It is far more than that. Words cannot explain the journey. A weekend for the records.

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