Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Facebook Message to my Aunt Barb- Its an update and I'm lazy.

HI! I'M HERE! :)
Yes, I'm starting a new job. I started with PayPal last Monday and am in my second of four weeks of training. The job is a Merchant Solutions Agent, in a call center here in Omaha (its right by the interstate if you remember seeing it when you came through Omaha), I'm support for merchants who use PayPal. So I am currently being pumped FULL of PayPal knowledge so I can answer any and all questions... ugh. My trainer used work for PayPal RADIO (he's worse the NPR... its bad, Barb!).

I'm not sure if you heard, but the fashion show is off. There will be no O!Fashion this year. It came down to funding. John, my partner, had received an anonymous $1,000 donation for which he could "use at his discretion". He decided that the money would be used for printing instead of the majority of our $1,125 deposit for our venue. Therefore, we had no funding for a venue and an insane amount money for printing for a show that will not happen this year. Needless to say I am no longer affiliating myself with John (and his strange ways of delegating funds) or O! Fashion.

I am still pursuing the fashion world but with a bit of a different twist. Ashley, who was our assistant for O! Fashion, and I have branched off and are currently working on branding ourselves as a PR firm that specializes in fashion show production. We will eventually fuse (Fuse is the name of the firm) the fashion and music industries into one online community through our website and meanwhile promote our artist and designers in their up coming events. We will cater to the local fashion and music industries. Our marketing efforts for this new brand will be done mainly through the fashion shows that we will be producing and directing throughout the year.

I will keep you updated when I know hard details. Many things are still up in the air. We are currently working on putting a business plan together and designing a website to present to some potential investors.

A lot has changed in the last month! My mom can hardly keep up! I am remaining confident but realistic. I have also learned a lot in the past month. I am eager but I will not fail and walk away without a lesson learned.

Sorry for not keeping you in the loop, but the loop keeps changing so much I want to make sure that when I do fill you in-- it's going to be a plan that is realistic and in motion.

**Update** My new schedule (however sucky) will allow for four (YES 4!) days off during the week! That means I will be working Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 9am-10pm. And I'm off Tuesday-Friday. SO- I could come see my favorite Aunt Barb!! My main objective is cost right now. I'm due on a lot of bill since I have been paycheck-less for about 2.5 months now. Once I have that figured out I will let you know and we can start to plan from there!

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