Thursday, June 03, 2010

Single bashing..

What is up with all the single bashing lately? Geesh!
Seriously, here's an example of a facebook status update I saw just today: ..."is realizing that the single life requires a totally different emotional outlook on life. Borderline cold-hearted..."

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend and a planned girls night out for Sunday. The infamous Anchor Inn, an Omaha drunken-Memorial-day-weekend-bash, was the hoping place to be seen on this particular Sunday afternoon. So the ladies and I toted ourselves down and the single ladies of the group prepared for a night of booze, bonding and boys; while the taken members of our group coaxed their significant others that they would continue to be loyal and safe.

Not long after arriving at the Inn, text messages swarmed in from concerned third parties, which distracted such subjects from truly enjoying her time with her friends. Her focused attention to her male counterpart via text message was so consuming I never actually held a conversation with her while she was partaking in "ladies night".

As the evening progressed the majority (aka the non-singles) claimed they were tired, hungry, "not-feeling the Anchor Inn" (aka any excuse to leave). The cover was a whopping $10 to just join the party and thus they left the Inn. I continued to pursue the booze, bonding and boys portion of the evening with my other single friend.

To my dismay I later found out that all three non-single women had fled the "ladies night" out to spend with their man.

Forgive me if I am not particularly warm to the idea of friends who are in relationships. I'm tired of being the back-up source of fun/friend/confidant/etc.

Be real with me or don't be a friend with me at all. I'm not an instrument to be played, I am a friend you can be honest with me. If you can't be honest with me then you can't be honest with yourself. If you think I would agree with the truth then you are seriously mistaken or its not the truth. Don't disappoint me but most of all NEVER disappoint yourself.

I am usually patient and relaxed, happy even, but I have come to the end of my rope. What happens when I am the only single friend? Maybe its just time to get new friends... single. friends.

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