Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check me OUT!!

Ladies and gentlemen... I (for the first time in my LIFE) just walked into Express (yes the store) and simply tried on a top. and I (for the first time in my LIFE) could actually wear it out of the dressing room!!!!!!! A beautiful sequin top for the (Fuse) photo shoot taking place next week. I will post pic's as soon as I am able.

Three years ago I joined a gym and paid (mega bucks) for a trainer. In my initial consult with the trainer he asked me where I would go shopping once I lost the weight. My response was Express. It, until today, remained the one store I would turn and quawk as I walked passed the store front in the mall, in wonderment of the fashion's I knew I could never wear. The training/trainer didn't last long but the dream lived on. Today I almost (I really tried to) cried in the dressing room. It was unbelievable. I was donning an Express top, beautiful, sequined, fashionable and best of all well-fitting.

As of Tuesday, July 27th I have lost a total of 17lbs since June 18th; 25lbs since last summer. According to a very fast mathematician I have lost 10% of my weight... WOW. Still have a long way to go... but this little mile stone is just another motivation point along the way!

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