Friday, August 06, 2010

Lazer focued.

wow.... where to begin. The delay in posts has nothing to do with laziness or forgetfulness, trust.

I have been one BUSY girl. and mighty FOCUSED.

Lets start with the fun stuff... oh wait, it's ALL fun!

  • The website will go live this Sunday.
  • Newest client to join: Aso Omaha. Bring the total number of clients to 5.
  • Roof Top photo shoot was complete last night. (See photo right) ... I know its pretty hot, if I do say so myself.
Weight loss:
  • Total lost to date 21lbs!
  • Current dress size: 14!!
  • I have started getting the "How did you do it?" questions... I laugh and reply-- OLD SCHOOL! Eating right and working out!
  • Con's to the whole weight loss thing... yes, there's a couple cons. 1. Fish Oil is making me BREAK OUT like crazy. No Me Gusta! 2. All my clothes are huge and if I do go shopping I know the new duds will be just as big in a few weeks... so I'm doing my best to rock the baggy look...
  • To damn focused to date.
  • period.
  • I did go on a date earlier this week... I'm just not feeling it.
  • In my new smaller-sized-confidence I have been getting more attention from unwanted suitors; I have learned to be a bit more upfront. "Hey, you should let me take you out to lunch sometime..?" .... "Maybe... NOT." LOL... It felt pretty damn good to walk away from that convo.

keep on keepin on!

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