Friday, August 13, 2010

Faux Freind Bull

We all have em, the faux friend, its bull shit but for some reason we keep them around. They usually make us feel better about ourselves (they are either really ugly, the party way to much, they are bigger than you, they sleep around, or whatever your judgment). We keep their number stored for the moment we need a boost. Need to get out of the house and no-one is down for a triple shot of Jager on a Tuesday night, call up the party girl, you know she's already on her way out the door before you even say Jager. Sometimes faux friends really do come in handy.

Throughout this process of loosing weight I'm focusing on me. Its what is needed in order to accomplish such a feat but there are other areas of myself I am noticing besides the weight loss. It is the amount of time and energy devoted to people/projects that are not worth my time, let alone my energy. I am realizing that I have been bending over backward for my fuax friends. It angers me to realize this foolery I have made of myself. I can't go forward like this. I will no longer be your fuax friend who makes you feel thinner, more accomplished, etc. Sorry, just have too much I need to focus on to be waiting on you.

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