Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Slight Edge

So I have just recently been reading the book the Slight Edge. Its speaks on how to cultivate success in your life. Why some people are successful and others are not; take for example the now-extremely successful and wealthy high school classmate. You had all the same classes, teachers, your parents lived down the street from one another. So why is his life so much more successful than yours? The Slight Edge speaks to the mundane tasks that we do or do not do, everyday. Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Doing these simple tasks over and over, compound to make the task much more significant due to its consistency as opposed to the non-successful person who was not consistent.

As I am reading the book they also speak of the success curve and the failure curve. Boiled down its positive vs. negative thoughts.

I have often wondered why I am "put-off" by some individuals... and I realize that it is because of their curve or thinking. To understand who I have been surrounding myself with and why I have allowed them in my life makes total sense. Now going forward I can feel confident in my own thoughts of those individuals that, perhaps they are not on the same path as I am or maybe I have something to gain by grasping what it is they have become successful at harnessing.

I have come to realize I do have areas of growth I need to focus on (shocker?). The two being finances and relationships (double shocker!??). I have my career, health and personal development down pat. I will continue to fine tune my career, health and personal development, however, I will broaden my awareness to really complete my curve in those areas of finances and relationships.

... Interestingly enough, I already know Love and Money were areas I could use more of. My actions were not in line with bringing success in those areas of my life. So... lets change up the game... starting NOW.

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