Monday, July 12, 2010

Fake whoo-hoos.

I came back to work from my 10th workout day-in-a-row, needing to celebrating my accomplishment. The nearest lending ear happened to be my cube-neighbor who dully responded only after hearing the fact that this day marked the 10th day of… "who hoo..".

I'll stop rubbing my intention to be skinny and do something with my life; it’s clearly a resounding effect of an annoying Chi Wawa. Instead I will explain with my actions that I am not a complacent, middle of the road, overweight soccer mom, who once had dreams but got knocked up and gained 150 lbs, minivan driving, over compensating kind of person.

Nope, I hear you talking shit, like “Oh someday you will change your mind…” bull… I hear it but I don’t accept it, a turn my head and walk away from it. Cocky? No, confident that I am nothing like you. Confident that I am capable, ready, able and stable enough to achieve all that I wish. Confident that my life will span far beyond my years, touch lives beyond my knowledge, and bring meaning to more than those who are legally bound to me in the eyes of the law or who I birthed. You average Jane’s can keep hating cause its only motivating me more to do more than they EVER dreamed they could achieve.

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