Friday, September 24, 2010

All Smiles!

WHAT a beautiful day, today has been!
From the weather to the activities of the day.

Woke up and test drove the new XJ Jaguar and 2011 Range Rover... both stunning vehicles! I was thought I would be torn but the Range Rover won my heart! Its rugged capabilities combined with the elegance and sophistication suited me like a glove! The Jag was supremely luxurious however and quite surprising to me, just a little too much for my tastes. ... Now if I could only find a man with the same ideologies as the Range... We'd be in business! haha

Another beautiful part of today has been the ultimate freedom! No meetings, no clocking in, no alarms, no commitments; simply me. I have been reflect on my achievements over the last three months and appreciate all that the world has given. I feel more healthy, beautiful, successful, independent, radiant than ever before. All the while still maintaining the idea that I am always on the presuppose of something great. Its enlightening and motivating simultaneously.

I weighed it at an even 205 today. I have already lost 45 lbs and 38 inches. Currently shopping the size 12 options. Just purchased my first fitted button-up top in a size Large and there's plenty of room! It's strange when clothing fits in the areas I used to consider a problem area. You know the one area that if its too small it's going to be in the ___ (arms, butt, thighs, calves, shoulders, you name it). My problem areas have shifted. My current problem area is my rear. I never thought of my butt as big-- no matter what size I was. Now I'm finding pants slide right past my calves with ease, through my thighs and fall short of the booty... "Almost there!" -- It's good to know I haven't lost my ass yet! I am VERY thankful I have had an even weight loss. Maintaining proportions can be very difficult, especially when you leave the weight loss up to your body.

I will leave you with my new favorite quote: "The important thing is not where you are or where you where its where you want to get."

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