Friday, December 16, 2011

How 3 minutes changed the next 24 hours.

last night, before bed I washed my face as I normally do. but something happened in that five minute cleanse.  to be completely honest, I had just walked into the bathroom to use the facilities before I went to bed for the evening. but I looked myself in the eye and forced myself to wash my face while I was in there. I mean, I was there, it doesn't take much to clean one's face, and it's good for your skin to breathe. so I reluctantly got the wash cloth out of the closet, the soap from the shower and lathered up.

after the scrub-a-dub-dub, i picked up the bathroom and before i knew it i had picked up my entire apartment. dishes put away (clean and dirty), trash put in the trash can, tabled cleared off, fluffed the pillows on the couch, organized the knick-knacks on my desk, random pairs of shoes put away, dirty clothes in the laundry basket, I even picked out a new playlist to wake up to in the morning. Damian Marley. I had done just about everything but the laundry itself and making my bed.

my mood had gone from "ho-hum, whatever" to "let's do this!" ... just by washing my face. what in the hell had just happened?

I picked up a book and actually read before going to bed instead of lugging the laptop into bed with me and pilfering through netflix for something semi-entertaining to put me to sleep. It wasn't one of those reads where your eyes start closing while reading and forget the story-line mid-way because you've fallen asleep too many times. No, I was hooked! 40 pages. 40 PAGES! I had only been reading for 20 mins.

what was this super sonic moment?

when I woke up my mind felt cluttered, still. today i have organized my finances and figured budgets for projects. projects ranging from decorating my office at work to fixing the broken tail light on my car.

my lunch break was similar. i looked at my apartment and my car with appreciation instead of the feeling that I could "do better". instead of paying more for something that provides the same outcome, just live, save, and enjoy what I have, now.

my car. i can fix the broken pieces, it runs just fine. why not pay it off and enjoy ZERO car payments for awhile.

my apartment. so the building looks a little dated? my space is great! I have plenty of room. i could add a piece here and there and mirror here and a picture there. make a few decorative pillows for the couch. repaint the bedroom. actually use my patio. trust me the list goes on-and-on.

I started to look at my place from a new perspective and started in on a corner that had been stashed with boxes of consumable products i just never knew where to put when I first moved in. I decided I could actually use it! and brought some of the products back with me to the office and the rest in the fridge so i would see it, use it and it would be cold.

I'm not sure where all this came from or why washing my face has turned out to be so productive but I like it! I'm rolling with it. Could be the best face-washing experience of my life!

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