Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pushed and pulled.

mbp @ age 3
the never ending battle between my left and right brain.
i'm about to turn 26 and am wondering when i will ever know for sure.

at one point i decided to really appreciate how many opportunities were surrounding me.
at one point i felt on top of it all.
at one point i felt overwhelmed.
at one point i stopped thinking and kept going through the motions.

at some point i will wonder where my life went.
choices must be made.
to avoid the wonder and live the fabulous life i know is waiting for me.

it's not about hard work.
that's guaranteed to happen.

it's about being happy.
that's not guaranteed to happen.

The new year brings a sense of self awareness. followed by my birthday, the constant reminder of time moving forward. we have all moved on. from something.

time to move on. pushed and pulled. but at the end of it all.
i will look back and know the moment it all changed. will you?

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