Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Next Wednesday's Plans

Valentines Day is just around the corner-- and this eternally single girl, isn't predictably pissed about it either.

IN FACT, I'm kinda looking forward to it! It started a few years ago, in an attempt to distract myself from studying for the Life Insurance exam, I baked and decorated Vday cupcakes.

I have since made it a tradition. I seem to have found a way for my single-woman-anger to safely escape. Plus I get to eat the delicious and adorable things once I'm done!

Even if I don't "love" my co-workers I can still share my creation (and in a very passive-aggressive/disguised manner dispense the "anger-cakes").

I have also decided that I will once and for all watch the entire french sub-titled movie, appropriately named, Paris. It's been sitting on top of my TV for about six months now...

Maybe take a long shower, paint my nails pink and make a recipe or two found from my latest addiction,

A night in, appreciating ME. :)

oh, I found this and couldn't stop laughing.... so enjoy! 

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