Friday, January 27, 2012

Things I want to do in Omaha over the next 3 months:

...this is a list that I will be adding to... and then crossing off... it's a "live" document of to-do's and to-done's.

1. Go: ice skating. (I'm assuming it's a little more difficult to ice skate outside in 70+ degrees)
2. Go: to the zoo! The Henry Dorley Zoo!
3. Walk across the pedestrian bridge.
4. Eat: Dundee Dell
5. Celebrate St. Patties day... all over the city. Ton's of great Irish pubs!
6. Eat: Petrows
7. Go: horse back riding -- it's been a loooooong time!
8. GO: to the speak easy @ the Oven
9. Eat: Cali Taco
10. Eat: BrewBurger
11. Eat: Ingredient
12. Eat: Zio's pizza
13. Eat: M's Pub
14. Go: to a hockey game... I've never been.
15. Eat: Pitch
16. Eat: Netties, Fine Mexican Food --> I heard it's a dive... but amazing.
17. Eat: Goodnites

Omaha, Nebraska

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