Friday, July 09, 2010

DAY 19: 10lbs DOWN

Today marks the official 10 lb mark and DAMN, and damn does it feel good!?

No food or chachkie could bring the joy as signing the 10lb poster brought. Good news here is that I will never have to loose that FIRST 10 lbs EVER again!

As you already know I do like to reminisce. The most obvious is the 1 year mark: what was I doing, where was I in my life, how happy was I, where did I work, what major events where about to take place? It is so easy to remember a date. July 9th 2009; ok I'm not that good but I remember the events and activities of the week.

But a new time stamp is my weight. Where was I the last time I weight this much? Where did I work, what were my habits, how did I feel about myself/life? Because I didn't associate weight with events it more difficult to pin-point the last time I weighed this much. I can guesstimate around 2008/2007. When I think of weight loss in those terms it almost becomes time machine mentality. To go back and live the life of a smaller-me with all the knowledge that I have acquired since, its a pretty refreshing thought.

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