Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jonesing for fall.

The apples are delicious. The weather is simply amazing. The colors are brilliant. The fashions are inviting and the loom of the holiday's is surprisingly enticing. (I know I'm shocked too...)

All I need is comfy sweater, classic pair of black leggings, ankle boots, a scarf, a protein hot cocoa drink (to replace my starbucks mocha, which are very tasty--think swiss miss) a fire place, a fine looking man and an animal.... *BLISS*

As I went to get groceries today; a rather mundane task to some but to me it is a constant reminder of how much TERRIBLE food I still crave. As I was checking out I rather impromptu-itively bought a Real Simple magazine. Its full of delicious recepies, fantastic fall decorating ideas and simple fashion for those women who can only manage simple fashions. I didn't buy the magazine for the fashion section... but rather the cover. Weird. I know. As I drove home I could help but ask myself "Why am I so nesty?" No worries, I'm not prego-- but weird how fall has got me all ready to prepare for winter.

Perhaps preparing for winter could be a little more fun if you have someone to spend winter with. Sorry, folks no official details yet... But let's just say.... I MIGHT have someone to hold me tight during those long winter nights.... ;)

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