Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy first snow...

I have been sorta in the holiday mood and I thought once the first snow came that it would kick-start my holiday shopping but all I really want to do is make chocolate chip cookies and watch Love Actually under my heated blanket.
Too bad I don't have time or space in my diet for any of that... but shopping, shopping I have time for, although it's far more enjoyable to shop for myself than for others.

I am tightening up my routine. Yep. Even more. Bed by 10; up by 6. We may even through in a morning workout if I am super up to it. I am leaving the last hour of my day to prepare for the next day and introducing an extra 20 oz of water to my diet (bringing my total intake to 84 oz a day).

I've got 36 more pounds to loose to reach my goal. 46 more for my SUPER goal. Its do-able by NYE this year! That will make my 2010 total loosing at a solid 90 lbs. *I currently have lost 64.

No news on the man front. I'm finding more and more men are attracted to me (a strange feeling at first) and yet far less attractive/possible mates. But all in all I'm not wasting any time on the questionable ones... I keep doing me and if they stick around long enough, then they will pique my interests.

Shoe count is DOWN. :(
I have had to purge my shoe collection due to insufficient fit. No one enjoys a heel that doesn't know the meaning of stay. (my feet have shrunk in the 64 lb loss) I am down to 8 pairs of shoes. 8!!!!! There was a point in my life that I counted over 30 pairs of shoes. This weight loss is costing SO much more than I had anticipated. I figured the cost of the food and supplements but not clothing and I certainly didn't include a whole new shoe assortment!

I will keep you updated on the new wardrobe purchases in my upcoming posts. This lady needs to get to bed... its 9:30!

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