Saturday, November 13, 2010

sexy peppers.. hmmm...

Amazing what a new CD can do for a workout.
I just downloaded the new Kanye CD... its AMAZING.
Speaking of workouts... today was another first in the workouts/weight loss journey: two workouts, one day. YEP! Two-a-day!! I got my ass up at six AM, cleaned off my car, drove down to the gym, got my heart rate up (starred at the one-and-only sexy man in the gym) then came home and got ready for work. Worked my normal shift and continued with my regular workout over my lunch break. *proud smiles*

*one perk to joining an actual gym... SEXIES roam FREE! And that is better than a personal TV on any cardio machine, ANY day!

I am at a point where I can now decide how I want to continue with my maintenance program. Do I stay on the super healthy kick (ie ZERO fast food, preservatives etc), go quasi super healthy (occasional fast food but maintaining the ideals of limiting preservatives, controling portion sizes etc) or just winging it.... I think I will probs go with door #2.

That way I can maintain the healthy life style and still enjoy my faves like Pizza, starbucks, cupcakes but find new favorites like Hiro Sushi :) ... and who knows what my taste buds will discover. I am kind of excited to taste things like yellow and orange peppers, carrots and ketchup (I guess they will taste super sweet) and french fires. I wonder if my super healthy ways after 6 months will alter what I once found SO irresistible and attract new tastes and flavors I once turned my nose up to.

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