Monday, November 15, 2010

if only I could pick up a date at the store to match my shoes.

its holiday party season. so you know what that means.... new shoes, new dress and finding a date.

I can handle getting new shoes and a dress (since I truly have none that fit) but I'm pissed-- year after year I STILL have to search for a damn date. And I'm not talking look for a new one... I mean full-on SEARCH! I try different crews, different cities, different ages and... yet... they are all unacceptable for a simple, holiday, party. were talking a 3 hour commitment here.

What is this business?? I can't find a decent date for three hours in a tie and suit jacket how in the hell am I supposed to find one I could live with the rest of my life? EVEN after all the weight loss-- no closer to finding a holiday party date, really!? ... ok.

So do I learn the lesson from last year and go dateless rather than settle for a man with a tie a suit jacket? OR find someone who's free for three hours on dec. 3rd that I can dress up, throw on my arm, smile pretty, pretend we are happy and then drop him off at his mom's house after he's had is fill of free corporate-politically-correct-holiday-dinner?

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