Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"I have made a decision that I hope you'll be happy about!"

"Oh Honey, you finally decided to get Botox!!" .... uh, No.

I have decided to go STAG for the Holiday party. I am willing to walk into that room, looking as tho I'm on the verge of flames on my own.

And of course I've been researching the perfect dress for the evening, which we all know I found on However, as I rolled through Von Maur today, I found the exact dress that has been sitting in my online shopping cart for the past few days-- put her on and she fits like a dream!

I think I have found the shoes too... but I was not 100% so I put them on hold. The possible contenders for shoes are Glitter Platform Pumps, Heeled Ankle Booties, or a festive Red number... I will know when I find them. I hope to post pictures from the event, which is the evening of December 3rd.

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