Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve!

It is that wonderful time of reflection, reconsideration, and reconfiguring. Like the ball that will be dropping here shortly, we all sense an air of urgency to "fix" are whoa's of this past year. All the to-do's and the over indulgence, the didn't have time for's and the excuses we gave into will ideally and miraculously no-longer haunt us at the strike of 12. I do find the resolutions a bit over exaggerated this year and to no ones shock few will manifest. Do yourself a favor. Look deep inside and find what it is you truly need. If its change then be sincere. If its simply finding your way -- get clarity before you change the one thing that is best about you and leave the rest.

For me, this year will no have a resolution. Nothing to be broken or forget, 2011 will have a theme: to simply FOLLOW my heart and bloom.

I will leave you with a quote that struck me recently "If you want to be what you've never been, you have to do what you've never done."

Go forth in this new year and

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