Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have realized I have fallen by the way side of my blogging. Life has taken over and I haven't taken the precious time to reflect. This luxury shall be a daily activity -- whether it is blogging, meditating or simply working out-- it is evident that I need to get back my "Me" time.

With my recent purchase of Beyonce's new album 4; I was left exposed. Exposed in the fact that I am not living with every intention of my mind, body and soul.

To live wholly and simply.
To appreciate the world for the beauties is possesses and find brilliance in its simplicities and complexities alike.
To love without fear.
To let your soul shine.
To be here, present, everyday; organically.
To know that when you die, your soul will be kept intact by the memories shared.

This is me. I am here. I will love.

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