Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fame & Fortune

When I was younger I was often asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The answer would vary form week to week. I could never pin one down. But I have always known I wanted to be famous. Now, I associated fame with a talent, be it acting, signing, dancing or otherwise. It was not for a lack of trying... I have tried them all, but sadly I never found my niche.

So after years of trial and significant error, I choose the career that involved the one thing I always enjoyed: commercials. Ah, the marketing and advertising world. Not very glamorous but it does entertain me and I do find joy in it.

At 25 I have found my realistic-dream job, for my age, education and physical presences on the map. On the drive in today the thought of red carpets, flashing lights, fancy dresses, awards, big houses, endless swimming pools and expensive cars flooded my mind.

My analytical self stepped in at this point. What was it that I was really wanting. Was it the fame? Was it the money? Was it just more exciting than my morning commute? Would I be happier--we don't even have to answer this question. How about satisfied?

To be honest I still want to be famous and something I realized is now there are celebs who are famous for no reason at all. They are famous for being themselves.

Its genius: Be famous for being me! Work on being famous for being me and be open to getting everything I ever wanted.

"Seek fame, because the fortune will come" -- be the best at what you are and those who recognize your talents will pay you for them.

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